The Medicine Men

Sonya Ziegler is an Artist and Photographer of the highest caliber. Originally from Canada she has shared her art and photography from Los Angeles to Cincinnati. Please visit her web site and you will agree what an amazing talented person she is. 

Brandt's Red Carpet Lounge Next time you are in St Louis stop by and say hello to all of our friends at Brandt's

Earwig Music Great label. Check out the roster of great blues artist here

Findlay Market This is a wonderful place to shop. This is one of Cincinnati's "must visit" places to go. HAVE PIE WILL TRAVEL Christina Ferguson delivers to you! Findlay Market Pie Contest winner!! Key Lime Cherry Blueberry Peach Apple Peanut Butter Sweet Potato 821-2011 Mouth watering

Owens Chiropractic When your guitar gets too heavy or your drum stool does a job on your back or your bass and sax get you out of wack -- Who you gonna call? Dr Owens will fix you up and you'll get your goove back in no time. Call 513.784.0084