The Medicine Men


The Medicine Men - We Got The Stuff to Make You Feel Good

The Medicine Men have performed as the back up band for the late Robert "H-Bomb" Ferguson for over the past 20 years. Although the personal have changed over the many years H-Bomb's philosophy "Make People Happy" has been the driving force in the success of this band. The Medicine Men's music cover various styles including Blues, R&B, Funk and Jazz that is delivered with a unique flavor that is guaranteed to keep you feet tapping or keep you on the dance floor

Lance Boyd - Lead vocal and Guitar

Medicine Man since 1995. Has performed in the Philippines, Guam, England, and through out the continental US with various bands since 1970.

Oscar French - Back up vocal and drums

Medicine Man since 2000. Has over 25 years as a professional musician. Has performed with international recording artists Alice Hoskins and Sonny Hill.

Tom Lee - Back up vocal and Bass



Joe Polen - Back up vocal and Saxophones